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Bhutan – In Pursuit Of Happiness

By Shahwar Hussain

“Who gave you the bright idea to travel in Bhutan on a bike now?” I was asked this question a number of times as I travelled through Bhutan in January. I never mentioned that it was my “bright idea!”  It was a right question too. We never saw any other biker in those 10 days that we stayed in the tiny Himalayan Kingdom.  It was bitterly cold! Continue reading Bhutan – In Pursuit Of Happiness

Gamboling in Goa Part 3

I am back again to resume from where I left in my previous post.  Day 2 , now how would that be? Read on to find out.

Day 2- So on day 2, we woke up early in the morning to get ready for the sight seeing trip arranged by the hotel people. We were excited undoubtedly. We were expecting lots of fun, picnic, party in the river cruise and what not!

Continue reading Gamboling in Goa Part 3

Gamboling in Goa Part 2

Picture credits – Dr Vinita

No, this is not one of my snaps from Goa. in fact I was not able to find them as most of them had been damaged and so I had to ask the admin to provide me with one. But enough of my ramblings about them. Let me straightaway proceed on to the next level. So what happened in the four nights that we had kept aside for our trip…but if you haven’t read the earlier part you can go for a quick read here. Continue reading Gamboling in Goa Part 2