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Some Travel related ailments

Here we will be giving an overview of some travel related ailments and conditions that we encounter often during our stay away from home. Some are harmless and at the most only irritates, while some may develop into an emergency needing urgent medical intervention. Hence it is always better to be aware and prepared for any sort of contingencies.
Traveler’s diarrhea

It is a stomach and intestinal infection that occurs as a result of lack of hygiene and unsanitary handling of food and maybe transmitted by food handlers who don’t wash their hands after using the washroom. Continue reading Some Travel related ailments

Five essentials for a road trip to the unknown

You know what I would list as one of my favourite task  – a work that lists as one of my favourite activity ? To list out things.Maybe I was a census worker in my previous birth, but I certainly feel so liberated of my woes, the moment I take a pencil and note pad and start jotting down- from my favourite dishes, to shopping list to on and on, but you see listing does has its utilities… So which one will it be today. Continue reading Five essentials for a road trip to the unknown