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Tirthan Valley , Himachal Pradesh

This summer if you are looking for the perfect getaway then you will be spoiled for choices.  Perfection was never so plenty as in this case. The lower Himalayas in the North of India provides you with ample choices to spend your summer holidays in the cool and beautiful places in the mountains. But the catch is that many of these places will be overcrowded with holidaymakers from the plains. Which results in your holiday being cramped and noisy- which is hardly the holiday you planned for. Continue reading Tirthan Valley , Himachal Pradesh

Some less visited romantic destinations of India


Romance flourishes the most in wilderness and places of utmost scenic beauty

Nowadays it is common to hear about boutique honeymoon destinations like Greece, Spain, Vietnam overseas and the Andamans, Gulmaarg ,Udaipur in India, but today we bring before you some lesser attempted destinations from our own country as our recommendations with its USP as its scenic beauty and the plus point that they are far from the madding crowds. Continue reading Some less visited romantic destinations of India