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Journey’n Jaunts is a unique site run from Delhi, India and endeavors to bring before you travel experiences from all over with emphasis on the off beat scenic places of India , namely foothills of Himalayas. Unlike other travel sites and ezines, we thrive to  share with you only honest travel experiences , as it was or is, without the frills and gloss normally associated with travel sites and magazines. 

If you don’t have a destination in mind but are itching to get out and travel, maybe the spots that we have for you here would be a great idea for you to try. 

If you are wondering whether we arrange tours or expeditions or even sell that odd flight ticket, then well we are sorry to say, we don’t do that. Well at least not yet.

As you can see we have just started out with an idea which we hope to expand, modify, improvise with time.

However at present we have just what we promised and that is sharing honest experiences.

But of course we can recommend about routes, local contacts, places and anything related to travel to the best of our knowledge based from first hand experiences and capacity. 

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Honest experiences…